Can Not Connect to Asterisk?

After an update on the CLI:
yum --enablerepo=* clean all && yum update -y && scl enable rh-php56 -- fwconsole ma updateall

I got the MSG:
Can Not Connect to Asterisk


ATM I do a restore because I need the Server…

Any suggestions for this?

Maybe @mrchiao @alep @Sebastian or @Stll0 can help here :slight_smile:

is asterisk running?

also check if secret for admin in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf is the same of the one in frepbx database:
mysql asterisk -e "select value from freepbx_settings where keyword = 'AMPMGRPASS' "

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Hello fausp

From the constuction side of FreePBX the are two major components. The Web interface with FreePBX and the “underground” Asterisk.

With my last try to update the next major version i hab teh sam Error… (but it was without Neth wos on a PI)

My Asterisk cant start. Some of the config file had the wrong owner and rigths…

Hello all,

Sorry cannot reproduce the error, its a production server…

Thank you for the help.