Can NethServer replace MS Exchange?

Yes it could be!

NethServer can full manage e-mail, calendars, tasks, address books as well as an MS Exchange server.
Just keep in mind one thing: MS Exchange server has its native client MS Outlook to take advantage off all features, NethServer needs Mozilla Thunderbird to do the same.
Calendars, tasks and address books in NethServer are managed by SOGo, users can use them in two ways:

  • trough SOGo Web UI
  • by installing SOGo extensions for Mozilla Thunderbird

NethServer with SOGo enabled allows small-medium size companies replacing old MS Exchange installations or creating a brand new client-server communication/collaboration system.


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Just to clearly understand you statement there is no good solution to keep outlook and get the same functionality?

well you answered this in another thread :smile:

I would sayd, than rather than expend thousands of dollars in exchange
licenses you can use nethserver, and use the money to improve other areas
in your company.

You are right but in a transition it would be good if there would be an option for MAPI. I’m more then happy to pay money to the open source community then a proprietary solution. But in the end it’s up to the customers.