Can mail be filtered on WebTop Sent folder?

Hello @webtop_team , @lucag , @support_team ,

My office uses Fitlers on Webtop Inbox. I’ve had an ask from an employee who would like to filter on certain emails in their Sent folder. The reason is we send payroll paystubs from our accounting software and we connect to our Nethserve Mail from Thunderbird. But we don’t use Thunderbird in our office, all employees only use Webtop. I know I can probably set up a filter in Thunderbird but I’d like to have this employee manage this filter on the Sernt mail themselves and not have them switch to Thunderbird. Is this possible? I’m not seeing an option to filter on Sent mail but thought I should double-check with the experts here.

Thank you.

Hello @support_team ,

Has the Webtop_team stopped supporting webtop on Nethserver?

Thank you.

Is it about the advanced search? The sent folder in the mail panel needs to be selected to make it available in the advanced search:

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Hello @mrmarkuz , not Search but filtering of emails in my Sent folder and moving these Sent emails into a subfolder. I don’t see an option in Filtering for the Sent folder so I was curious if there was a way to do this that I didn’t notice.

I don’t want to use Thunderbird as I’m showing my staff how to do what they need all in Webtop.

Thank you.

From what I know, you can’t.
The sieve filters only work on incoming mail ( :unamused: ) and I’m not aware of any other methods to work on other folders.
There was talk a while back that something would be implemented at the Webtop level to handle these situations as well, but it’s all stopped.

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Thanks very much for this reply and detail! Has the @webtop_team team left Nethserver? I’m not looking around the forums too much these days so I haven’t noticed them answering questions.

I guess they are busy bringing Webtop to NS8 and revamping it… :slight_smile: