Can i mount the home directories of my users on another drive?

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I asked this question to @stephdl and I was reminded that others could have the same doubt.

I have 2 disks in my server.

1- 1Tb
2- 3 Tb

Why my dashboard and windows home directory showme only 49 Gb?

Can i use all space on my drive?

Thanks for all.

What you are showing in your pictures is accurately being shown. The root partition “/” is 49 GB, your second drive that is labeled as “/home” is 3 TB as shown in the first pic. NethServer doesn’t use the common path of “/home” as its home directory location; it uses the path “/var/lib/nethserver/home” which is located on your root partition. You will most notably not use your 3TB drive at all without doing some restructuring with mount points and fstab. If you need assistance with that, I’d suggest opening a new topic as that can be highly involved and be done several different ways.

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Is my first time on a forum, and I’m making some errors.

Can i mount the home directories of my users on another drive?

Is a good title to use on my new topic?

Here is a right place to make this question?

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Unmount the vg_adlinux_vg from /home to mount it in /var/lib/nethserver/home.
If it’s okay, adjust the fstab to make the mount point permanent.

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Can anyone (preverably one of the devs :wink: ) please explain why this convention is chosen not to use /home for user directories and go for a rather strange location of /var/lib/nethserver/home ?

Second question: Does the Nethserver installscript handle this properly when userdirectories are created? I mean, if you intend to have /home on a seperate partition or disk, is /var/lib/nethserver/home mounted on that spot or /home?

Can’t /var/lib/nethserver/home not be a simlink to /home?

That was discussed on SME mailing list some years ago:

The goal here is to have a single growing partition. The best choice seems to be /var, as described by the FHS document, considering also that /var is the home directory prefix for system daemons

It’s possible to map /home to /var/lib/nethserver/home by passing --bind option to the mount command, as @giacomo suggested here:

Then I will not start an old discussion again and deal with the situation… :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a convention on server to have the data mounted under /var (/var/lib), users are objects, they don’t need a /home like on a workstation.

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I think the easiest solution is mount /home with --bind and allocate the growing storage to /var. The root partition can be optimized for speed.

Ouch we are going to discussion… lol
But when using Samba and use local services through PAM, creating local accounts, it is another story right?

Anyway, the convention I am used to is to have for instance Samba shares under /home/samba/shares/… and since user home directories usually are shares…

Again, probably because I come from Ubuntu, this is all different… :slight_smile:

As said, lets not do this discussion over. I can understand the reasoning behind the decision and (hopefully :smiley:) will remember when I ever pull out my last hair trying to find that location… :slight_smile:

Yes, the useradd command is not aware of the NethServer-specific default home location. This can be a good or bad, depending on the point of view. The UI, which relies on the e-smith event layer, invokes this script when an user is created:


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can you please tell me which distro adheres to this standard?
for a new project I’m testing almost all desktop distro and all of them use /home
centos use /home and many other server distro do the same (I’d say all)

If I install NS from NS iso it’s not a problem (but only if I choose an unattended install), but if I install it on top of an existing centos, it could be…

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One more Nethserver user happy.

And thank you @Renan_Azedo_de_Olive :wink:

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This is the best forum community I’m on. Everyone else on the other forums I’m on I find snobby and arrogant.


Thank you man! Proud to see such comments, I’ll share this with everyone :smile: maybe in the next newsletter

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