Can I install Nethserver on 32 bit CentOS 6.6?

I have P4 pc to setup the firewall for 60 users environment.
Can I install Nethserver in CentOS 6.6-32 bit ?
I want to use Owncloud for sharing files in easy way across users. But challenge is redundancy.
so, second question is how to configure RAID01 on CentOS Before installing Nethserver on it.
I have 2 no 160 GB Hard drives.

no 32 bit installation, sorry but for the el7 (and centos7) version, no 32 bit support of redhat


Raid support is out of the box, you have to choose which raid you want


I was asking on CentOS 6.6, 32 bit.
not on 7… I want to make use of old Hardware.
So, no chance to use Nethserver for this project…

Already asked, look at this