Can I add a Subnet in the "sites without proxy"?

Hi, I’m testing the Transparent Proxy with SSL, I would like to add a full Network subnet in the whitelist, I’ve created a new CIDR in the firewall objects, but how can I manage it in the proxy exclusions?

While the server-manager interface doesn’t offer CIDR objects for exclusions, the underlying system supports them.
You could simply use an object in the interface and then change the values in the fwrules db:

signal-event firewall-adjust will apply the config (that can’t be modifiied via the server-manager, but it’s shown).

Would you like to file an enhancement request on

Should I register for that request? Or can you post it for me?

the first one, thank you

Ok, now that I’m registered what should I do for adding an “enhancement” request? I can’t find a “new argument” button or else…

@alefattorini, it’s up to you now :wink:

The link should be

:thumbsup:Workaround works…

I guess this is the link

@Matteo_Contoli thanks for you suggestion and Enhancement :wink: