Can i access cameras from my private network?

Yes, it is.

You may just setup two green networks so clients may reach each other:

so when i have one NIC for the private i should create logical interface ? to create VLans?
or how i can make 2 green networks. in case of bond with the physical NIC, i would put the ip address as the new subnet addresses and the gateway as the server ip of the red zone? right?

In the case of only one adapter you need VLANs. Just add a “New logical interface”:


Setup your VLANs…


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thx, if i make a level 2 vlan on one single subnet does it prevent vlans from getting to the nethserver if it was a gateway?? i just got confused by the restriction of vlan does it apply to the gateway?

I found some VLAN setups here, you may use it as configuration example/howto:


I’m using a similiar setup for a Hotel, we only have about 12 cameras at the moment, but more are planned.

I’m using mrmarkuz setup described here:

One problem you may run into is that reverse-proxy can’t correctly handle just forwarding something like:, and say, as the actual target gets redirected to a folder /view/ (At least for the Axis cams we’re using here…), which would also have to be entered as a redirect. That would only work for one camera…

My solution was to create external DNS entries for all cameras in the form:
and so on…

all pointing to the external adress of my clients Nethserver.
The NethServer has no such entries, only normal A-entries for each camera in it’s DNS.

The actual redirecting of domains is done using mrmarkuz how-to above…

This is working now for all cameras!

This image shows 2 cameras (Hotel-Reception) inside Zabbix, another Project running in NethServer! This monitors all systems here, including cameras…

My 2 cents, including a hat-tip to mrmarkuz for his great work!