Calling out Nethesis headquarters people: any pizza Rossini fan there?

A lot if italian people is quite touchy… or better irritable about food. In Italy we have this… deeply rooted believe that our food is the best in the world. Also… we are “prophets” of some unique, truly, unchangeable truth about some dishes.

Like pizza.
We should know our nation… a bit better.

Into the box at the right side you can see a Pizza Rossini. Sliced boiled eggs and mayonnaise used for “enhance” the usual Margherita (mozzarella, origano, tomato sauce… which is not ketchup)
I never heard about that kind of pizza in my life, however I’m not familiar of Pesaro, which is close to Nethesis headquarters and… mostly know for being the Head of the province where Tavullia sits, hometown of a quite know former racing biker. Mr Rossi.

In Pesaro this pizza is… common, diffused, eaten from so much persons, it’s part of tradition and history of the city. Some people from Pesaro ask mayo into Pizzerias for garnish own requested pizza.

So… any Rossini fan here?


Pizza Rossini has been among us since 7

NethServer is built with it :laughing:


please test it because it worths it, I did it myself, I love to discover new recipe :slight_smile:


I need to visit Italy !!!

@stephdl may confirm that Italian pizzerias in Paris are all held by non-italian folks.

might be my luck ?

I think the last real pizza I tasted was on the other side of the Atlantic !!!

what a shame :pizza:

Are you talking about deep dish pizza :slight_smile:

I do not live in Paris I have no clues

now am starting to miss pizza… who wanna get me one

AH… ‘The Doctor’ :facepunch: