Call for a QA Jam Session - April 2017

As you may already know our @dev_team has done a lot of effort on NethServer 7, now it’s time to test their work!

They worked specifically on

  • upgrade from 6 to 7
  • account providers refactor
  • enhancements to the DC provider
  • other improvements: multi-wan, backup, webfilter…

Having a lot of new features and improvements not tested and not releasable is a very big pity!

NethServerians is your chance to give back and help the family!

This is the list

Testing a package is quite easy, take a look at this guide by @dz00te

You need to

  • install a testing environment
  • pick up an issue
  • reply to this topic
  • and make your contribution :slight_smile:

Come on…
@quality_team @ibojilov @ambassadors_group @jgjimenezs @greavette @Hunv @asl @AbsyntH @EddieA @laframba @hucky @tarkal @dpapa @Jclendineng @FixitFelix @wbilger @P4T @transocean @jlibster @hazell20


doh! i was thinking for a similar post just yesterday looking at github issues…
thanks for writing it :wink:

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Sorry I take over the role of QA coordinator just because I saw you a little busy, you are still free to test something or coordinate the Jam :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Tagging here also @tboston @MartinsZB @mstsas @sebastien @JOduMonT

Bear in mind that, testing things here you would be able to join our AMAZING Quality Team

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Ill set up my vm environment post haste!!


My Nethserver VM for dev is set in KVM on Nethserver :stuck_out_tongue:

I ready to improve and after kick some as of Debian enthousiam

Only thing, the April 25, I’m going to Bangkok for 3 months
so around this date, I’ll be not fully responsive


O.k. Bought new (used) Dell R710 and set up a Proxmox.
Now I can setup several NS7-machines for testing-purpose.
First one will be a NS7-AD with squid, ufdbguard etc.
I think I’ll have some time these days, at least I hope so :smile:!


I will setup an extra Nethserver VM. I would like to help with this.


That’s great, do what you can, we don’t ask for more.

Sounds a great plan! :slight_smile:don’t hesitate to keep us in touch. Good trip! Send us some pics

Fantastic news, I’m keen to know more about your tests. As always thanks for your help, your contributions are invaluable.

We still have some opened issues to verify @JOduMonT @Jclendineng @flatspin