Calendar events creation triggered by email receive: is this possible?

Take a mailbox receiving messages from different sources with notification of issues or done tasks.
This email lies on NethServer with Webtop installed.
IF the email comes from a defined address AND there’s a Keyword/Tag into object (put more conditions if necessary…)
THEN Create a defined calendar entry, with a defined category, with the email Object as event title and email body into details

It’s not an invitation event. This “filter” should be triggered by receiving messages, should interact with Calendar entries.
Calendars of this mailbox could be shared for people concerned by this events.

Maybe i did not read that much Webtop documentation for this feature?

Hi @pike,
the filters on incoming mail configurable on WebTop 5 are sieve filters applied on the server side and I do not know that it is possible to apply an action of this type on sieve filters.

Currently it is only possible to create a reminder event starting from an e-mail manually via the right button -> Operations -> Create reminder.

Hi Michael

To “react” to e-mails you could install for example FHEM, a very simple Perl based OpenSource programm. FHEM does include a very mighty E-Mail / Calender Module.
An Installation in NethServer is very quick.

See for more info, I can give a few tips if needed.

Note: You don’t need any hardware for this!

My 2 Cents