Calendar entries being deleted

Ok may be a simple one but looks like users on iphones/ipads are having their calendar entries deleted, they have checked on the web portal (SOGO/Roundcube) and they are missing there too.

this is usually after a period of 4 to 6 weeks

Outlook clients seem to be fine

any ideas on this one



Did you checked the sync settings on both iOs devices?

Thanks Michael, yes checked and set to maximum though even if that was the case i would be surprised if it deleted calendar entries from the server.

The iDevice has given power to create, modify and delete events. So if the iDevice (and the user) can, if the iDevice application tells the server “delete the event”, the server comply…
(unless specific different settings. but that’s a whole lot of thinking…)

Did the iDevices deleted the events, as instructed by settings?

Is there a specific location on the apple device that would say to do this (sorry, i knows its out of your remit as you look after the software) but researching it i dont see an option on the device to delete calendar events (obviously if the user is doing it then thats something else)

On the iDevice which sync is used? “Exchange-like” or CalDAV?