Calendar and Outlook

i am new into Nethserver and so far really like it. Fast and intuitive, not with such a children UI like i.e. Smartermail which is influenced by MS because they think its better when you have flat design, with too big text that hurts in eyes.

For the moment i am focusing on calendar and Outlook. I tried Webtop and found that there are 2 calendars listed on each user. The normal one and one called “webtop”. Users are confused if they see multiple calendars, is there a technical reason for this? It seems also the “normal one” cannot be synchronized across multiple devices.

Was also wondering if it makes a difference if i use SOGo or Webtop. Is difference only in Webclient or on the backend too? I think both are using Z-Push for Activesync functionality right? But with SOGo i couldnt remember seeing 2 calendars. Is it possible with SOGo to also share a calendar?

And what about contacts? Any way to have common contacts?

I know that Nethserver doesnt focus on Outlook but you know users dont want anything else and i couldnt find any better product in this regards so far.


The backends are different as well, both for calendars and for contacts.

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That explains why i have different results. With Webtop i couldnt sync any calendar except the “webtop” one and contacts were not synced at all in Outlook.

In SOGo i can sync calendar/contacts accross multiple devices if same account is used. I even see on my mobile with ActiveSync the shared calendar. The only thing i am missing is to see shared calendar in Outlook is this possible? If i try to open shared calendar in Outlook i get empty result.

If this is not possible, is there reason against using a single account on multple users to give them a shared contacts/calendar? Its already sufficient to have a single team calendar.

Ever considred Thunderbird with lighting calendar extension? Works for me for many years.

Works for me great too, but users are not willing to change if they used OL for years.

Looks like i was missing some checkboxes, i can now access shared calendars in OL too, great!

Now the only thing missing is shared contacts in OL, i guess thats still a missing feature in SOGo ? On my mobile (android) i can access shared contacts over EAS without problems.

The real issue sits between the keyboard and the chair…

You may try Outlook CalDav Synchronizer, maybe only for the shared contacts.


I got requirement that invitations which are received per specific mail account, should be automatically taken into shared calendar (Outlook does automatically put invitations in calender i was told). Guess this requires Mail and Calendar to be on the same (Activesync) account.
So with Z-Top the maximum recommended mailbox size is about 1GB ?
Is there a problem if multiple users (~10), using the same Activesync account? Guess this is even worse for performance. But there will be only a single mailbox on the server.