CalDav and external IMAP account

First I want to say thanks for this “preview version”. Looks really nice and fresh. Like it so far.
At the moment I can’t find a possibility to connect to an external imap-account and I can’t connect to an external calendar via CalDav, so I’ve a question @gabriele_bulfon :
Are these features not yet implemented or will they come in future?
I also can’t find the CaldDav support for a client like thunderbird. => future?
Just another little thing: It’s not possible to choose the “2 week view” as default. Would be nice if it’s possible.

CalDAV and external imap accounts are not yet supported, but we already have plans: :wink:

Hi, yes, caldav is planned for next implementation.

Thanks for the link to the roadmap. Very interesting.
I found the planned CardDAV/CalDAV support, but support of external imap accounts is not mentioned.
Will it come? With both features Webtop would be almost perfect for me :slight_smile:, but without almost useless :cry:.

This feature is on our radar but we don’t know how common this scenario is

Sogo supports external imap accounts. I think webtop should be on the same level. :wink:
This scenario is not uncommon, I think. Many SME don’t need/want the mailserver in there own hands and prefer to use the mail-accounts of their ISP. Every ISP offers a mailserver with perfect protection for a few euros. It’s easy and save. You can use mobildevices and the webmail. But the ports of your own server can be closed. In this case you have to use thunderbird as mailclient and webtop only for calendar. That doesn’t make sense IMO.


I got you point thanks for taking the time to explain it

Supporting external imap account is something we have in mind, but it’s also going to bring possible out of control issues, depending on the imap implementation of the extenal ISP.
We cannot guarantee performance nor full features, because at the moment we grant NethServer Dovecot and XStreamOS Cyrus Imap installations, both specifically built and configured to work as we expect.

Actually, you already can set up an external imap account on a WebTop account, bypassing completely the internal imap server.
Just impersonate the user via admin (login as admin!username@domain.tld and using admin password), then go to the settings, mail tab, change all account data into the external ISP data, save, exit, login back using webtop credential for the user.
You will eventually need to check the special folder names.

Let me know if this answers your question.

About the “2 week view” as default, there is a translation bug on the english version.
The one called “Week (agenda)” is actually the “2 week” view :slight_smile:
We already patched the english translation, it will come in with the next push.