Calanders missing after system restore

Hi folks - im not out of the woods yet following a nethserver (7.4) hardware migration. Almost all calander info is missing on the new server (i have also, to my shame deleted the old server image and do not have an current image backup but will look in parallel at restoring one i took a few weeks ago). I am using SOGo groupware also btw

So im looking for some guidance to look at recovering some of this missing data, i have 2 months worth of nethserver duplicity backups which were run daily so im hoping a bit of guidance in this direction may locate the missing data?

Hi @alpreseidente,

you may try to restore manually:

Hi Markuz I looked at that but the sogo/backups directory on the new server doesn’t seem to have the missing data.(it just holds nearly empty sogo backups since the new build). my next move is working out how I can stage some historic duplicity backups of sogo on the vain hope that these backups were working properly previously?.. unless I get a better suggestion!

You may open the duplicity-full..vol.difftar.gz files with 7zip.

You may use restore-file to restore just the sogo backup:

restore-file / /var/lib/sogo/backups/

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