Business Cube NTS and what is it doing in NethServer



Can anyone tell me what is Business Cube, and what is it doing in NethServer?

I had a look at the Website

Selling ERP Software - with an expired GoDaddy certificate? Looks really serious.

And MS .Net technology? Crystal reports? (How aged is that?)

No pricing to be found, no statement on open source or closed, even the video on the english site seems a dead link.

I don’t know if this is a really good idea, even if there are partnerships behind the scenes…

My 2 cents

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I don’t see exactly what you mean with “what is it doing in NethServer”.
Where did you see this reference?

@Andy_Wismer Hi, we developed with NTS Informatica an integration between their ERP, NethServer and Microsoft SQL Server. This tool auto-configure the database and sysadmin can use NethServer instead of Windows Server. In Italy, this ERP is used, also by Nethesis partner.
NTS Informatica and Nethesis are in the same business group. This tool it’s important to start a good collaboration between companies.

For the moment we decided to use NethForge repo to share this package on Community and Enterprise systems without too much problems. And personally I think it’s not a wrong choice.

@transocean I know them, they are serious. They have only a problem today with certificate. When they will be back to work they will fix it.



Hi Frederico

Thanks for the Info - satifactory Info for me… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

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@Andy_Wismer you not leaving any stones unturned?

This just business thing for some reseller here in Italy.

To be honest, I do not really like to have closed software inside the repo, but still we already have MS SQL.
Creating a new repository take a long time and I just needed a quick and dirty way to make the package available to anyone.

If you think this not good enough, I can hide it from the Software Center. But I would like to keep the package there for a while. For me, it’s just an experiment: if many users will adopt it, we will than have a reason to create a new forge-like repository just for closed software.

What do you think? Should the package be hidden from the Forge?

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Actually - if MS-SQL can be there, why not Business Cube?
Maybe a few more words of explanations, dependencies… :slight_smile:


Thank you!

I have no idea on how the software work or even in what language is written. I carefully stay away from any type of ERP :smiley:

But probably @federico.ballarini can explain us something about it!


It depends on what do you want to know! :slight_smile:


MS-SQL everyone knows what it is, and from whom it comes. No explanations needed.
Same goes for most other stuff.

But “Business Cube by NTS” doesn’t say WHAT it is, who is NTS.
It’s ok, if they’re partners and have a place there, but a few words on what it is (ERP) and who is NTS (a Partner), needs MS-SQL and is written in Dot.NET

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That would be enough.

My 2 cents


@federico.ballarini please share your knowledge and I will update the comps accordingly! :wink:


Doesn’t have to be a long story.

Also important info:

  • Open Source?
  • Is it free to use, any limits of users?

ERP is well known, at least for what the initials stand for.
Doesn’t mean everyone has to know or use a ERP, but at least know what it implies… :slight_smile:

And I think most people in IT know ERP.
And that there are MANY, MANY ERP out in the wild!

Also: This IS NethServer.
Just saying it’s from a partner implies, like NethServer, it works, and it’s usable!
Having to find out they have an invalid SSL cert (Can happen, it’s not critical) doesn’t leave a good first impression. And as is well known, you only have one chance to ruin the first impression!
We don’t want to look like a few unnamed competitors, with dead / badly maintained links, etc.

My 2 cents


AFAIK Business Cube is the third “major release” of Business, an MRP/ERP for small businesses.

Windows Client only, ODBC only to connect to the SQL server (was born with MS Access files as DB) and needs to access to specific folders to the server for obtain client updates.
License fee for every server and client, modularity for features and business branches, report based on Crystal Reports (now part of SAP).

Maybe this package will ease small installation to have an Windows Server AND SQL Server license for install… I can see the convergence for the group.


Cert is now ok :slight_smile:

We can start from the group: NTS Informatica is in the same group of Nethesis. Ranocchi group.
As said from @pike, NTS Informatica develop and maintain an ERP software called Business Cube 2. Actually this software is not Open Source and you have to pay a license to use it. Licenses works for simultaneous access. You can install the software on 1000 client but only X client can access simultaneous.

It uses SQL Server to manage the DB and since MS released SQL Server on Linux we start work on a tool to simplify the installation process on NethServer.

For report it uses Crystal Report dll and if I don’t make a mistake is written in VB .NET. Now they are starting develop something on web.

The problem is that the installer work if you are installing directly on Server. So, if a user want to configure it on Linux he have to attach DB manually and set some variables. The package will do that instead of user!

So the user continue the installation on a client of network to copy Business files to the share on the server according to NTS documentation specified for Centos.

Thank you @federico.ballarini!

What do you thin about this @Andy_Wismer?


good good… The package is for a limited audience. With some more background, it might be enough to not scare away new community members… wink


yes brushing up on your Italian, which is surely always a good thing, is probably worthwhile too!