**BULK** object and empty body mail

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: Email/POP3 Connector

Hi guys,

I have a problem with an e-mail address configured by the POP3 Connector.
This address receives some e-mails from several automatic systems such as IP Camera’s, DVR’s etc… The sender’s mail address is the same as the receiver.
When a new mail is downloaded by the connector, it shows me a BULK text on the mail subject, but don’t know why, the body mail is empty!
It happens only with the receiver that is the same as the sender.
I think it’s a security protection made by Nethserver, so I tried to disable antispa and antivirus filter, with no success.

Since this mail is using for logging purposes, I can’t change the sender’s mail address. Before I activate the connector, these mails were shown correctly in the origin web server (Siteground).

Is there a way to disable this check (if any of these are present) or create a personal rule?

Thank you

I tried to send an email with sogo to the same address, there I can see the body.
Which client do you use? Did you try to send a manual mail to yourself?
Perhaps it could help if you post the code of the received mail.