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No, I do not have an account in transifex. How do I do that?

About the spanish language… are you shooting for an all-in-one universal “proper” spanish or having more localized (Mexico/Central/Caribbean - South - Spain) “slangier” version?

Some of the modules (like OwnCloud) are already available in fairly good Spanish.

@rothere just go on Transifex website and then register account and when you do then log in and find Nethserver project… you tube can be very helpful


Cuando lo tradujimos tratamos de hacerlo mas neutro posible.


@rothere As @mabeleira said! A translation into Spanish as natural as possible, understandable and accessible to the computer system,

What we want is to have a good Spanish, adapted to each module.

If we have a word Firewall: for us may be Corta Fuego, Pared de Fuego. then we standardize the translation.

We have not translated applications as OwnCloud.

Create your account and then send me your nickname to add you to the team Transifex

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OK. I’m in Transifex as rothere… same as in the nethserver community… just to make life easy.

I’ve looked the Nethserver project and I see a lot of PHP arrays that are 100% translated. Is there anything else to do?

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Happy New Year Community. I’ve been without Internet service provider failures.

How are you @rothere , in transifex there are several 100% but will periodically adding new modules to translate.

Yeah! This is also a good starting point:

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There will be more, now it is not too much time I have to do this job. A couple of weeks and I will be more active. Regards.

I can’t get why our russian translation team haven’t join community yet :smile:
We should reach out them one by one.
@tcpip Would you like to help us? Russian looks 100% complete but manual and help inline aren’t
@jgjimenezs will be happy to help you :smile:

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100% @alefattorini :+1:

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@jgjimenezs would you like to help me with the team reorganization?
I think that many guys aren’t still around, @drivemeca, @WolfAddict, @Lincee, @vcc, @msx, @jelle, @gsiotas, @bernhard_weber, @alecks, @jgjimenezs, @mabeleira @apradoc @rothere @Uros_Benkic @cyberfrk @clinton
Please, raise your hand folks :raised_hands:

Your and @apradoc idea of splitting the team by language is very good. I’d like to move forward on it. How are we going to do that?

Also I’d like to expand this page with helpful docs

as suggested before:
Building Translations Team


Ok, I will work on this and will let you know. friend @alefattorini

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If you create the German Translation Team, I like to join that team.


Lets do it. I can not spent much time. But I think any help is appreciated


I’d like to share my spare time with the german translation team :wink:


Interesting articles for our @translations_team @spanish_team @german_team

What do you think?

Excellent @alefattorini , so it should be for project continuity is not affected and maintain future languages 100% @translations_team @spanish_team @german_team

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sorry I was working at my regular job. I don’t have account on Transifex. I will send you my nickname to add me.
Just tell me is there limited time that I need to do translate or?

giacomo Giacomo Sanchietti Dev Team
October 19 |
Just created the Slovenian translation.
@jgjimenezs you should now be able to add @Uros_Benkic to Slovenian team. Sorry Uros but I don’t know your nickname on Transifex. |

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Hi @Uros_Benkic you are the only one in Slovenian team, you dedicate time, we know that many of us work or dedicate time to family and children.

Don’t worry about keeping us informed of progress.

Thank you