Building Quality Team

I can help in other tthings, like testing or trying new features.

Good! What do you think about a QA/Testing team?
QA fixed issues, testing new modules, etc…

I can also help with testing

@mabeleira @vcc you can start from this:
guess @giacomo will be happy to help you :wink:

Take a look at this post for more info


I tried to test but I doing something wrong as I can not install the packages ( No package nethserver-tomcat-1.0.0-1.1.g11921d7.ns6.noarch.rpm available.
Error: Nothing to do )

I followed the info from [this post][1] to install the testing repo
[1]: Dashboard link status always OK?

:wink: sure will test it today.

Try with this

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing install  nethserver-tomcat
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I’ve found a RPM for Tomcat 7 directly from EPEL, so please stand by with the testing…I’m trying to understand if we can support the new release :smile:

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Just updated Tomcat to release 7:
Ready for testing!

I will test today

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It’s very important. Go with it

YES we’re ready!! :smiley:

WOW :+1:

Testing Team Badge Created :smile: it will be assigned next night

Coordinators: @vcc
Goals: QA fixed issues, testing new modules, etc…
Workspaces: and
Requirements for new members: Verified at least an issue (like @dz00te


Is there a document to explain the testing process?

Nope, we should write it down. Maybe our new Testing Team could help with it, right?
I wrote something here: Dashboard link status always OK?

Already tested and reported to Giacomo

I would like to help, but would like to view a roadmap / projected development schedule and / or testing - QA procedure documentation.

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@giacomo will try to keep you updated on this.
Take a look at some details here:

You’re welcome, just added you to the team.
Please, get start from this
Let’s choose an issue and follow test cases!

Woah, a lot of work here!! :smile: :smile:
@vcc you’re a great Testing Team coordinator! Take a look at this guy!

Please write a simple document to explain the testing process as suggested above!