Building Online Communities

Reading some threads in the nextCloud community stumbled across these interesting links, and I thought about @alefattorini

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I already know the first one, @jospoortvliet is a great friend :slight_smile: and an awesome community manager.
The latter is great too but it’s very looong, I need a bit of time.
Do you have something to highlight?

BTW I have hundreds of links like those if you’re interested in. I appreciate the thought.

Sure it is looooong! I didn’t read the full article.
To highlight: the Free Toolbox, until Volunteer Burnout. Then Care and Feeling.

Discovered via

Sounds pretty cool to me, that man writes very good things

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Getting on this topic and chipping in:
The article by Pieter Hintjens (the link from is based on a free downloadable book from
You can download the book as pdf, epub or mobi
Besides that book there is a must read from Jono Bacon: The art of community. Unfortunately he has taken the free download of the book offline. I do have a copy so if anyone wants it, just give me a pm.
You can read it online through
If you want a hardcopy of the book, that is for sale at 'o reilly.