Building Docs Team

Welcome to the club :smile:

I propose to start without a coordinator, could sound weird but we could obtain more flexibility.
What do you think?

We can always pick a coordinator late.

It’s fine for me, but we need at least a couple of users with the admin role inside the wiki.
@stephdl already is admin.

It’s fair, let’s start the ball rolling :soccer: and pick him late

Thank you, :grin:

Maybe we can find a trick for just delegating the user panel…too much admin is not always a good idea.

Snippet added.

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sorry but the user sets with a ‘manager’ level permission has no user panel in the Admin menu…no idea ?

Sorry but I’ve no idea.
I will try the configuration when I’ll a little spare time.
In the meanwhile, who want to be admin, please raise and hand! :smile:

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I’m taking a look at the @docs_team and I’m thinking if there is someone who would like to lead the group and help people with wiki and howtos here.
@dnutan @fausp ?

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