Bug when assigning a new zone on an interface in the network module


When a new zone is created, when we go in the network module.
It’s impossible to create a bridged interface or a vlan with the new zone. we only have the choise between ( green / blue / orange / red ) zone.

Expected feature: when creating a new virtual interface ( bridged or vlan ), to choose between all the zone.
Occured Feature: when creating a new virtual interface ( bridged or vlan ) , you able only to choose the preset zone ( green, blues, orange or red )

How to reproduce:

  • Create a new zone in the Firewall object module.
  • in the network module, create a new bridged interface or vlan, and try to choose the zone…

Custom zones are not intended to be used that way. Zones are behind an existing standard zone.

I’m seeing nothing in the wiki, neither in the HowTo :grin:

Howto a custom zone intended to be used? Us, real user, we have lot of imagination :laughing:


Honestly, I don’t know how to explain the concept better. An example could be:
you have a “section” of your green network that requires special handling, you define a new zone, selecting green eth and a subnet corresponding to the section.
I’ll gladly answer questions, maybe we can write a better explanation.

Sincerely, I had understanded the concept as a totally isolated zone.
Where all rules must be specificaly open or to be set up.
And nothing in this zone has a preset rules to access internet ( the green has this)

But it’s a zone, like a green or blue or whatelse colored zone.

the way you explain…It seem only a CIDR subnet…

What do you think about this?:

By default to have one more zone ( ie Black )
Black | Green > Blue > Orange > Red

Where the Black zone has absolutely no preset rules.
And treat this Black zone as any other colored zone in the network module and the firewall rules.

Like this, the tab “zone” don’t need to be anymore, and there’s no confusion anymore :wink:

I would agree with this. Here’s a screenshot from “the other” :wink: router that I use quite a bit:

Interfaces are assigned to zones.

Zones, Inter-Zone traffic & Firewall Diagrams on EFW