Bug Report: King of Howto


I read something here:

And after verification… No. @Ctek is not in de Howto Team

Actually the HowTo Team is:

Apr 20
Apr 20

Apr 20
Apr 20

Expected feature: To see @Ctek in the HowTo Team
Occured feature: The DevTeam without @Ctek

How to reproduct: Go in your own profile, and look at the Howto Team.

It’s a bug, isn’t it? :wink:

For me @ctek is always the king, member or not :smile:
Just added to the group!

Now that “the issue” is corrected, I want to add a little background.

I was really surprising to not see yet @Ctek in the Howto team.

And clear, before make this thread, this joke, I had ask for him the approval to do.

Thank you Bogdan, to accept :grinning:

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Thank you guys @Jim, @alefattorini , I realy liked the “Bug” report :slight_smile: It was really funny.