Broken system after updates - goes straight to > grub rescue

NethServer Version: 7RC2

I have two disks in RAID1 using the mdadm software provided by the system.
After applying the latest updates, my server won’t boot up any longer.
My grub2 was wiped out and needs to be reinstalled.

I then downloaded the latest RC3 thinking that I would go ahead and test the tools to restore the server. But the system does not detect the linux_raid, saying that I do not have a linux filesystem detected.

This is a test system, and I have backups, but it does worry me that these problems can happen.


CentOS has rescue mode, both from the system disk and the installation cd/usb.
CentOS 7.3 comes with a new kernel, so it has updated your grub menu, for sure.
Thousands of CentOS server have been updated to 7.3 in the past week and nobody reported problems with grub, AFAIK.
I suspect something broken on your system.
Could you please try rescue mode?
If only grub is broken, try:


Hi Filippo,

I started downloading Fedora, which is a whole DVD :frowning:
But shouldn’t the restore feature on the CD be the same thing, and allow me to do a restore using it?

I’ll report back as soon as I can check it.


It is. NethServer CD is a CentOS CD with some extra packages.