Bridge Mode Configuration

NethServer Version: 7
Module: your_module

Hi Team,

I am using nethserver 7 and it is a really good firewall. I would like to ask how can I configure bridge mode on nethserver? Thanks.

Sorry, I don’t understand. Do you want to create only a bridge or do you want to use openvpn in bridged mode? What do you want to achive?

@ehrnest01, do you mean a setup where NethServer is “transparent”, analyzing all traffic passing through its interfaces?
@flatspin, it has two network interfaces bridged together, nobody knows that NethServer is viewing all network traffic.
I had a transparent setup, it was an easy customization, but I didn’t keep notes, I’m sorry.
We may work on a new feature request.

@filippo_carletti, Yes I want to use Nethserver as transparent. I will use cisco as my router and dhcp server and bridge it to nethserver so that I can use the proxy server

Are you sure you don’t mean this?