Boosting Community Signup

Yesterday I worked on boosting the community signup :smile: the reason is that newcomers are more encouraged to read/post and follow the discussions once signed up rather than check community sometimes anonymously.

I strive to guide people directly to the signup page:

A few examples:

  • on the home page button

  • a small box pops up during the scrolling of the main site

  • added the link on the banner

As for now it seems working pretty well, new signups are coming :smile:
I’ll keep an eye on it in the next weeks to figure out how it works
Any thoughts?

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These $&@&$ popups
I’m always swearing when I go on the main site cause of this popup
It’s worst yet on a little screen like a phone or a tablet

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It’s just the first time you visit it and only the first page :slight_smile:
Not too intrusive I think

Nope… Each time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh… I forget to tell when I’m not swearing, I’m blaspheming and throwing few maledictions :rage:

Can I suggest a banner with an embedded guest book, or what people say… Like them:

Thank you to remove the pop-up.

Even if the smiley don’t show, it was a joke :laughing:
I have only a little knowledge in Sorcerer Linux nothing to worry about :laughing:

Although I don’t want talk too early, 22 new members since 30th March (7 days) aren’t really bad :slight_smile:
Please consider that the average weekly new members ratio is generally 10

Edit: also 8 new participants over the last week against 3 in the previous
A Participant is member who has actively participated (posted, commented)

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