Blocked nextcloud

IIRC it’s under /var/lib/nethserver/nextcloud/ directory

Nothing special in the log. I keep on searching.
Thank you

Yoy can try to disable nextcloud apps or take a look in browser console for any clue

@loic You edited the headline to solved. Would you say us, what was your solution and mark this answer please as solution.

How can I disable NC? I have no access to its interface

I you mean to disable nextcloud apps, it can be done with the occ command. If other logs (nextcloud.log, /var/log/messages) didn’t provide any clue, check also httpd webserver logs.

After checking the logs of NC, I found some errors with the app carnet. I uninstalled it with the console and, tada, my web interface is back!
Be careful using carnet!

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A VM test environment is always a good idea before rolling your wishes out to a production environment. Glad you found your issue.