Block root ssh on RED


NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: sshd


As we moved our NethServer to cloud and it has RED and GREEN nics now.

One thing we realize is root user is allowed to do ssh from RED. We do not want to allow this. We would like a regular user to be able to ssh from RED and use su to become root. We do not want regular users to to use sudo either.

Is it possible to use GUI and block root access? Or, we need to modify main sshd config file manually and block root access from both GREEN and RED?

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I would suggest this purely from a best practice/security perspective.

The root access can be turned off via the UI, no updating files needed.


@ertank you can always reduce footprint for bruteforce allowing SSH connection only from few static ip addresses.

I actually would like to learn where in UI I can do that?

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Unfortunately, that is not possible nowadays due to virus.

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It seems I overlooked that so obvious setting.