Block Range of IPs from Internet

Hi all, I am new here and to Nethserver, I have been using ClearOS as my Gateway/Firewall but heard about Nethserver and want to give it a try. How would I block a certain number of IPs on my lan from accessing the internet.

Hei Lewis welcome here!
what do you think about a firewall rule which blocks your IPs?
Give a look at this:
If you can do it, share a screenshot so we can make a new FAQ

Edit: firstly, check you have Firewall module installed

Thank you Alefattorini, I looked at the Dashboard > Firewall/Gateway. I cannot make sense of it, if i was looking to block IP’s from - 254 where would I have to put that rule…

On firewall objects, you need to create a new IP range and then a new rule with such range/object as source

Ok… Done, how does it look?

looks good, apply changes! Does it work? :slight_smile:

I will update, I have to remove the ClearOS box first before I implement the NethSerevr… I at the moment I am doing all the settings before going life…
I am getting this error when trying to run LigthSquid; Error : report folder ‘/var/lightsquid’ not contain any valid data! Please run (and check ‘report’ folder content) I have looked in the config file and tried changing squidlogpath = 1; Or is this because I have not configured the Red (eth1 WAN)

Ok, please don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream:

opening a new topic for a new issue, I already made it in your place:

and check the correct answer if you think it’s solved

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ok… sorry!!! That is what you get from newbies…lol

Don’t worry be happy :smile_cat: