Block radio internet webpage

Hello, how can I block web with radio


Hello Christian

One of the easiest methods to block almost ANY webpage:
If NethServer is your firewall and internal DNS, create a DNS entry for that page, but point the IP to Nethserver (Create a server alias…).


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How I do that, can you explain me? Thanx.


I’m using the older Server-Manager / Dashboard for this, as I can get this in english:

Note: This is also possible with the newer Cockpit, but I can’t get english screenshots from my setup.

  1. Choose DNS in the menu left:

  1. Choose the “Server Alias” tab:

  1. Create new:

That’s it!

Note: you may need more than one entry, just create as much as you need.
This can be the actual stream, eg:

Here you only need to enter as far as the last dot:


If you want to take this a step further, you can also “null route” the IP in question.
This whole setup doesn’t actually “block” any radio streams, it blocks the user from finding and contacting the streaming site. You can find out the IP by using
And on your Nethserver, add in a static route for that IP, pointing to - for example - localhost ( This is also not blocking any streams, but is iron clad and bulletproof, as the streaming site is now neither accessible by name or by IP!

This should work, now test it!

If this works for you, click and set this as “Solution”!
This can help others with a similiar problem.

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Other idea


A PI-Hole doesn’t block MP3 (or other) streams, if they’re not listed as tracker or ad-site. You’ld still need to enter it in the “block” list manually…

I have a PI-Hole in use at home, and I’m listening to webradio (Swiss french Couleur 3) right now… :slight_smile:

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Sure, the domain must be blocked manually, not tested but probably some block list exist


Blocking the DNS name is not a “bulletproof” solution, eg if some one has DNS manually set on their workststion, like using as DNS.

Additionally “null-routing” the IP makes it “bulletproof”!

Sometimes some users are a bit smarter than others. It’s like a chess game: When they think they’re one move ahead, you show them that you’re actually 5 moves ahead… :slight_smile:

In programming, you often need to catch errors of the “dumb” users (eg on input verification), but also catch the errors of those who don’t even make the “dumb” level, but are way below that!

Only allowing certain websites may be a lot of work, if only a few websites come in question.
Just only allowing all updates (for maybe a second NethServer) would mean adding in all possible mirror sites…

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In that cases, nethserver as a gateway, use a transparent squid, block all by default, open only allowed websites

Alternativelly if you want to use dns block list, nethserver as a gateway, block outgoing tcp 53, except for the ip of your pihole


Your NethServer itself should also be in the “allowed” list…

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It would also help if @kristian1369 had a bit of info HOW his network is setup.
No info if NethServer is firewall / gateway, or another box.

So I present a solution which will work in almost any case - without installing anything additional… :slight_smile:


@kristian1369 do you already use Content filtering?

Yes… but some radios webpage can play

Could you add them to the block list?