Block emails based on TO: address

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: Dovecot / Email


I see an option to block a sender’s email address on the filter page, but is there a facility to block emails sent to a specific local address?

I appreciate that’s a bit of a strange request however I have a rather unusual setup for protecting my email address.

I have an additional subdomain set up as follows:

* forwards all email to

When I sign up to a service and hand out my email address (such as ebay for example) I would use the email address:

If I start receiving a lot of spam to, firstly I know that it is ebay that has disclosed my email address and secondly I would then like to block any emails sent to

I can’t see a way to do this without delving into config files.

Any thoughts?


Select Local network only in the email address: emails will be refused.

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@GOB: block them where?
They are still forwarded to your account?
Is it an option to create a (blocking) filter in your mail program?

:bulb: Or maybe it would be better to not forward all mail from your subdomain but create a new forward mail address for each service you sign up and delete it if spam is detected?

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thanks @filippo_carletti , that works perfectly.
Sending to a blocked address now issues an NDR:
“Recipient address rejected: Access denied”

Many thanks!