Block a users comments and/or more activities


Is there a way I can block a users, comments etc.? In real life, if I do not wish to read, hear or encounter a person, I can choose to do so. On these forums I am forced to do so without a means to block.

I do not want that.


Don’t share your opinion and unhealthy for a community but:
Your Profile → Preferences → Users → Ignored

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I am not really sure what is unhealthy about my wish, opinion or question. Anyway, your suggestion does not work. ‘this user can not be ignored’.

And if I may add, my choices are mine and mine alone. I did not ask for approval or judgement, I simply asked a question.

Nothing wrong with your opinion or wish. I do block users on other networks (discord for instance, but usually ads or malware behaviour…)

Just expressing that, in a broader sense, a community where people feels the need to ignore each other is unhealthy in my opinion. I understand we cannot get along with everyone. Fair enough.


Not judging, not disapproving. No offense intended.


Fair enough and good talk!

I’m no native English speaker so my wording could have lead to errors in interpretation.

Maybe admins and similar roles cannot be ignored.

Me neither, but most importantly your intentions and goals are universally well understood by me.

@alefattorini any ideas please?

I’m pretty sure this is the case, though I can’t currently find any documentation of the feature to confirm or disprove. But I’d be very surprised if any forum allowed you to ignore admins or mods.


You can’t hide moderator posts.