Bit the Bullet, Goodbye Zentyal

Been meaning to switch over my Zentyal server to Nethserver for some time now seeing as Zentyal is moving in a direction I don’t care for, but was always a little nervous about it.

Well, yesterday I had some free time, so why not.

So, here I am now, a Nethserver facing the world. I’ve found a few quirks already and no doubt will find some more as I reconfigure more services for my internal network. So look for a few more cry’s for help in the near future as I walk down this path. :beers:

And maybe a few suggestions also.



Oh, come on man! Keep it up! :dancers: :dancers:
We’re here, ready to help you or hear your voice!

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Keep those coming. We love to hear opinions and improvements.
Welcome to NethServer. I too come from Zentyal. Still have a Z3.2 server running. Never bothered to go any further due to non LTS versions and abandoning SBS modules.
As soon Ubuntu 12.04 gets EOL, I will have to move to ‘something else’. Maybe NS, maybe another solution. For now I am ‘betting on 2 horses’: NethServer and Karoshi Server.


Myself included, also I have several clients with zentyal servers 3 and 4 and soon discovered Nethserver ago. Right now I’m under investigation for use in production start replacing these zentyal future.
Sure, documentare these changes and should be publishing some articles on my blog.

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