BGP Routing Assistance Session

Hi All,

I would like someone with BGP routing experience to discuss and for assistance on setting up and deploying BGP Network for a small ISP,

The planned Setup is.
2 BGP routers, across 2 Data centers. 12km apart, with Fiber connection. Either Mikrotik CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ and CCR2116-12G-4S+ or Edgerouter Infinity XG
3 Core Routers in 3 Separate locations (hopefully with OPNSense & FRR)

Kindly Let me know if you are available for this discussion.

Thank you.

Hi @oneitonitram

I don’t really think you’ll find ANYONE here with experience of BGP and who has time to discuss it.
BGP is usually way out of the range for casual discussion, as most people never have heard of BGP, and those few who know it are professionals.

Most IT people, unless working for a Provider, will never have anything to do with BGP, AS-Numbers or AS-Routing - and they won’t have any know-how… Even amoung Provider IT people - most have never used BGP… This is rare know-how!

Even for NS8, I think BGP/AS is a scope too big for NethServer, so not very interesting.

My 2 cents

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Hi Martin,
I’m a consultant for different ISP’s and I have to agree with Andy, maybe you should post this question on the forums of one of the chosen router you decide to use. You gonna need a router for each location. I personally prefer the Edgerouter.



OPNsense should also be able to do it:

Hi @fausp, I love opnsense and I’m an active user, but for the routing service of an ISP I wouldn’t recommend it.
I would recommend Vyos instead, it can do all the necessary protocols and it’s very easy to do so.

Now, getting a PC to do all the job of a route server, has to do with the interfaces and the challenges you’ll have with them. Most providers deliver in Fiber (SFP or SFP+) connections. And if you need more than 04 interfaces, then it becomes a problem.
That’s when routers such as Cisco, Juniper, Brocade,etc., win the case.
Nowadays we have new players, such as Mikrotik and Ubiquiti delivering these services for a fraction of the cost.
P.S. Mikrotik has been acquired by Juniper.


i think now i understand the kind of routers and switches they are releasing now.

anyway, it seems to be the status quo in this world. the larger players, acquire the smaller ones, to become even bigger.

wish their V7 Routers OS gets to LTS release. which would mean, it performs as well as router os 6 LTS latest.

Yes… And no.
Sometime larger player don’t have some tech, and buying someone who’s got is sometime cheaper than develop it. Then postpone the output of new tech when the amortization of development of older tech is less… salty to eat.
Sometime the large companies like the market share, the segment or profitability of someone. And they buy it.
Sometime the smaller company is ruining the market share, with lower prices or better performance. No competitor mean keeping higher prices or a less unleveled field of competition.

Anyway, what makes me particularly sad is that another european company gets bought by an US company (same city of AMD).

And this is OT…