Better Way to notify completed configure actions on the App UI

In Ns8 we have a situiation whereby the UI on the configure action notifies the user that the app is done configuring, but checking the logs, as well as opening the app url page,

we still get a bad gateway error, or on the logs, we still see the app running configuration script.

is there no way we can have this improved, so that the proper done notification is given to the user without going through the logs?

In your action, print the error to stderr and exit with code 1 (for example).

I got you but am not following

Its not. Like there is an error perse or that there is a problem. It’s just that the UI tells the user app is configured, but the logs show the app is still configuring.

Since the app is still configuring, when accessing the app UI we get bad gateway untill the app completes actually configuring and loads.

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Tell your action (or your user) to wait until the app is fully started.

Is there a way to enforce this on the url instead of showing bad gateway?

Read above: wait until the app is fully started.

your issue is that your container has not fully populated the database the first time I suppose

In the systemd service glpi-app you can trigger a post action to do a request on the sql database or a curl if installed in the container to do a request to the login page of glpi

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