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IMO, the last NS 7 release came with some changes which are not well reflected in GUI, at least till you will familiarize with them. Because this my new server is an email server only, I faced with the following “issue” (till now):

  • Users and users’ email accounts

When a new user is created, an email account for that user is automatically created, and is no more necessary to create an email account to that user in Management -> Email addresses.

In Management -> Email addresses -> User mailboxes TAB, the header of the table may induce confusions. Because we are in "Email addresses", the first column, "User", I think is better to be named “Email addresses” or “Users’ Email addresses”.

The 4th column, "Email addresses", I think is better to be named “Forward Email addresses”. First time I thought that the NS installation is broken because I did not see email addresses in the 4th column for each user in the 1st column. After I created a “Forward messages” for “hostmaster” user I saw that field filled with the email address to which the messages are forwarded. After that, I realised that 2,3,4,5 columns are filled with informations according to Actions -> Edit.

In Dashboard, under Accounts, the "Email addresses" show the number of the “Forward email addresses” and not the number of the users’ email addresses. Besides of that, the number is only for different forward email addresses and not for all forward email addresses.

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I think that’s ok because this column shows the users (user@Nethserverdomainname) which is the same as the default mail address. If you combine “Email addresses” and the “User” column you get “User email addresses” which seems correct to me.

I agree, this could be confusing.

It shows the mail aliases (pseudonyms) from db accounts show:


Hi Markus,
Thank you for your interest about this and for your points of view.

I setted only forward email addresses. That’s why I said the number is showing that. With your explanation, I think the confusion is bigger. Maybe is better to have no this information.

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What about naming it “Mail aliases”? A pseudonym record IS a mail alias, expanded in the virtual postfix DB.

Agreed … Could be also “User mailbox address”

Right! And what about just “Forward addresses”?

PRs are welcome! :smiley:

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OK, but it shows also and forwarded email addresses not only aliases email addresses.



I can’t confirm this. When I add/delete forward addresses the dashboard “Email addresses” counter doesn’t change.

Isn’t it just a transifex translation?


English is the source language. English strings come from PHP sources: we need to modify them.

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You are right! My mistake!
I deleted all forward email addresses (I don’t have aliases) and it shows only “1”.
Probably is from “root” (this account makes difference between the number of the user accounts (15) and the number of the email addresses (16)).


Just to recap, the wanted changes are:


  • “Mail aliases” instead of “Email addresses”

Email Addresses/User mailboxes:

  • “User mailbox addresses” instead of “User”
  • “Forward addresses” instead of “Email addresses”

I am going to do the issue/PR the next days…

Thanks @GG_jr for pointing that out.



Thank you @mrmarkuz, your PRs were merged!


Thanks, now I am going to push the translations for nethserver-mail to transifex so I did tx push -s but I got:

[mrmarkuz@cmb.local@nethdev nethserver-mail]$ tx push -s
tx INFO: Pushing resource nethserver.Mail_Message
tx INFO: Pushing source file (common/usr/share/nethesis/NethServer/Language/en/NethServer_Module_Mail_Message.php)
tx ERROR: Error received from server: Only maintainers are allowed to update the source file.
tx ERROR: Could not upload source file. You can use --skip to ignore this error and continue the execution.

Dont worry, I already pushed the translation catalogs


:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: @mrmarkuz you nailed it!

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The packages have been released!