Best way to setup right to write for vhost

NethServer Version: 7
Module: nethserver-vhost

I have just started playing with nethserver 7, and I have a question what is the best way to set up the right writer on each vhost file, with nethserver 6 we did it with .htwritable and I got used to it . But now I do not see how to do it properly, I looked at the docs but did not see/find information.
Have you any clue ?

I’m sure that @Jclendineng or @davidep can give you some help

What are you doing with it? You shouldnt need it in NS7, but can you share your scenario? Might help me understand a bit better. :slight_smile:

For a small association I need to install Garradin and garradin ask me to write on several directory in is vhost. With nethserver6 I was using htwritable but with ns7 I haven’t that any more

You should use the FTP features.
Just login with an FTP client, and set permissions and owners for apache server :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer but I’m not very fan of ftp I use more often sftp or ssh so I need to forget that usage ?

You could also use sftp or ssh. Both work out of the box.

But how can I use ssh to proper setup right to write in vhost like I was doing on NS6 ?

Dont think I understand. Turn on SSH, get PUTTY or some other program, log in using SSH, cd to your directory and set perms. Also, download winSCP, login sftp or ssh, navigate to vhost, profit :slight_smile:

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also nothing wrong with ftp on internal server…go to firewall and allow only to green. That way you can ftp from your network and it blocks outside connections, also fail2ban is amazing for anything network facing, security wise. A must have.