Best Network configuration


I have a classic beginner’s question, how I split my network best.

In the system I have two network types (red and green), green has a DHCP service to run.
My (4) Accessppoints run in the green network, so far everything is good.
I am running a 24Port Unmanaged Switch, thinking that is useful for some solutions.

Now begin the considerations, I run some Sonosboxen, because of the great software support there are no password-protected accesses.

That is, Anyone who is in my WLAN can play his music over my WLAN boxes, change volume etc … (I have teenies at home … ;-))
The Sonos, however, need to access a central music directory that is located on the server.

Now my reason was I create a second (logical) network, in which only the Sonos boxes run via WLAN.

Alternatively, a VLAN - but do not know what is better and how I best realize it with NS7.

I would be grateful for your help!

Best wishes


For me it still is not clear what you want to accomplish.
The sonosboxen, should access be limited or regulated?
Ever thought about another approach: get managed Accesspoints. I can highly recommend unifi AP’s.

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Greetings @gerald_FS

I could understand, do you want your “sonosboxen” system to be outside a range of your network?

That is to say; I would connect to your wifi but I would only access the internet service.