Best-Buy new specific Nethserver hardware for SoHo

First of all many thanks to all the good work on Nethserver!
I have switched from Zentyal to Nethserver beginning of the year and since then, run Nethserver 7.

I would like to buy a new specific hardware for Nethserver and I am not sure which direction to go.

  • Do I need cores or frequency?
  •   Xeon / ECC ?
  • Are there Nethserver modules that have requirements/can make use of GPU (Cuda)?

The new Intel Atom C3758 based processors with QAT should support of lot of SSL and compression work. Does Nethserver 7 support this feature? Maybe via a separate repository.

In case QAT can be made to work and useful, I would like to buy this device. Though I am marginally competent Linux user and would probably need support to get QAT working and ensure compatibility with upgrading. In case hardware to test is an issues, we might be able to work something out.

Main jobs / requirements are (SoHO; 15 users, family and friends share):

  • Firewall / Gateway / Router
  • Nextcloud! (Large amount of files, music, pictures, GoPro-movies, gpspod, need a good performance)
  • VPN (routed for Android)
  • Domain (separate FileServer authenticated against domain)
  • Mail server
  • Database
  • 1 or 2 VMs (VPN bridge for Windows)
  •   power efficient (<25 Watt idle)

A very popular site in the Netherlands launches frequently Best-Buys, I can imagine within the Nethserver community this might be a useful category .

Thank you in advance for your consideration and advice!

Buy the best use the rest!!!

on this time is easy to buy a server from dell, but the USB fails once a month, and You have to reboot the machine once at the month.

Remenber to use RAID and use extralarge disks, Nethserver doesnt use Quota, I hope in the future Nethserver will support it.

The machine that You link is a Celeron, not bad for a 15 people company but is to slow for video delivery.

hope this helps.

I think an HP microserver with enough RAM could fit your needs, but it’s not so power efficient.

I think this power consuption

collides with some of the feature that you are requesting

You can still buy a small case and mainboard with some PCI-E SSD drives, but… It’s quite expensive.
Is far more convenient buy magnetic discs, which allows you “large amount of file”.
Therefore, for virtualize Virtual Machines a correct amount of ram (at least 8gb, IMVHO) and CPU power (quad core, VT available) are not matching this so-low-consumption fingerprint.


I suggest you take a look at this discussion as well: