Best and easiest way to install a standard web application

I have been using Nethserver for quite a while now, i love it and love the community behind.
Funny enought i have been using it only for advanced projects, softwares and scenarios, mostly nase don Howtos, wiki and modules that are available on the platform.

q: which is the best and easiest way to host standard web applications onto the platform,
this is considering, use of database, MYSQL or PGsql.
use on a fully qualified domain and use on a subdomain.

these are software like matomo, mailwiz, etc. which can be hosted on normal shared hosting plans.

Use the virtualhost module for managing your sites. This way you get separate (sub)domains/webspaces and you may use different PHP versions and certs for your sites. Files may be uploaded with (S)FTP.

As regards databases I recommend to install phpmyadmin or phppgadmin for management/troubleshooting.


i am trying to remove a virtualhost completely, so that i can add it back again into the system, am not sure how to do it.

currently when i try to add it, i get the error, virtualhost already added.

but i can not perform any functions onto it.

When I remove a vhost from server manager it’s completely removed including /var/lib/nethserver/vhost/<vhostdir>/
When I recreate it it’s recreated without problems.

For removing a vhost on command line:

Show your vhosts to get the random name:

db vhosts show

Delete vhost and apply config:

db vhosts delete 0744df302b21be7
signal-event nethserver-httpd-save

getting error 403 on accessing phpmyadmin. issue could be?


Most likely you’re not in the same LAN?

Set PHPmyAdminaccess to public…


already set to public but same

Are you connecting with name or IP?

i am connecting with name

see if ip works?

ip also facing the same challenge.

IP tunnel with SSH, then localhost…?

i just need these details.
how can i configure then using ssh:

You’re not using the available module?

That works out of the box.
There’s more here:

i used the available module to deploy phpmyadmin. not sure why it refuses to access the admin area.

this is a software i am deploying

I never had issues using the Module - and could access any DB…
The Password is here:
cat /root/.my.cnf

tricky one is creating db, and corresponding user rights and applying

I usually do that with the console…


mysqladmin create wikidb
create database wikidb;
grant index, create, select, insert, update, delete, alter, lock tables on wikidb.* to ‘wikiuser’@‘localhost’ identified by 'PASSWORD;


mysql>flush privileges;