Behavior when Cockpit is field checking DNS entries

I noticed a special behavior in Cockpit when entering DNS entries.

If the domain part is omitted when entering the host name, an error message is (correctly) output. However, a checkmark that was not activated before is set then. (since not set by yourself, this could be overlooked after the input correction)

In Cockpit go to System, DNS, click on “Add DNS record”.
Set a hostname without a domain part, click on “Save”.
The check mark for “Wildcard DNS record” is now set in the mask.

Not a big thing, I just noticed that.

Regards yummiweb


If you set the correct hostname and click save, you can also see how the check mark is set, but after full saving process Wildcard is deactivated and if you edit the entry it is unchecked again.

cc @giacomo