Basic video driver

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: ?
After installing the system with the base video driver there is no access to
Ping works

What has a videodriver to do with accessing an https page? Or is it the client that you installed the videodriver on?
Did you have a connection before installing the package?
Is the webserver running?
Can you SSH into the NethServer?

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Access via ssh is.
The i915 video card hangs during installation. If you select the base video driver then the system is installed.
How to check the operation of the web server? Do you want to start it?

Video card has nothing to do with access to the WebUI
Can you show this output?
service --status-all | grep httpd

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service --status-all | grep httpd
When you enter this command. Nothing happens.

When you enter this command
service --status-all
netconsole module not loaded
Configured devices:
lo enp4s0 enp6s0
Currently active devices:
lo enp4s0