Basic question: Should I wait for the RAID sync after install?

Hi everyone!

I recently installed the latest version of Nethserver to use 2x500GB drives in RAID1. I left every disk setting on default, so it configured itself.
The system is running however, it tells me that the RAID sync time is 2 hours.

Should I wait for it or can I start downloading and installing updates, apps and maybe restore my backups?

Thank you in advance! I’m a beginner in RAID stuff, so it’s new to me. :smiley:

Are your disks “new” or already used?

I bought them as used disks. I deleted them, so they were empty.

I would wait for the disks to finish the sync, its only 2 hours. If it was going to take 15-30 hours to sync and you’re in a disaster recovery scenario, then tis a different matter.

Starting to use it straight away while its doing the initial sync only places extra strain on the disks.

Also you’ll find that doing the install and restore just won’t be as fast during the sync as when working with a clean RAID volume.

I don’t see any real reason to wait–it might be slower, but it will still run. And if it harms the disks, they were on death’s door in any event.

Then, I will wait for it. Maybe do easy tasks. I think, WD Blue drives are not the strongest, so I don’t want to harm them. :smiley: Thank you for the answers. I thought it would do something bad with the RAID array or something.

My answer will arrive probably at the end of the raid sync…
If it was my setup, i’ll take these two options.
If I already had on these disks a full test with the tool from the producer, i’ll proceed with the setup.
If i did not had the full test, i’ll wait until the RAID sync ends, and take a read about the disk status.

I checked both drives’ status before installing the OS and they were perfect. Their power on time was about 200 days. No bad sectors or anything.