Basic gateway and firewall functionality

Hi you all out there,

I’m a complete newbie regarding NethServer.
I run NetServer 7.3.
Currently I have a modem / router IP address
Behind the router is my pfSense firewall LAN address
The is my standard gateway.
I have configured my server with a fixed green IP address of, standard gateway,
But I want to get rid of the pfSense firewall.
Question is how to configure NethServer as a gateway.
I have had a previous installation but I suppose that it was wrongly gonfigured since I got a lot of warnings / blocks of my Windows Norton firewall.
What I did, and probably messed up, is changing the firewall rules

When I configure my Windows 7 PC with a standard gateway of (my server’s IP address) and DNS of it shows that I have an Internet connection.
However when I browse at say the connection times out.
I have probably done something very stupid :slight_smile:
But on this forum it states that you don’t have to be afraid of asking “stupid” quiestions.

Can anyone help or advice?

Thanks in advance,


Allright now I can’t even access the server mangare anymore:angry:
This means I have to erase my HDD and do a new install.
But I can’t delete my RAID disk.
So I have to wipe it first which costs hours:sob:
But that’s the way you learn the hard way.



You don’t need firewall rules to use NethServer as a gateway, it works out of the box.
You don’t need to reinstall, you can disable the firewall and fix it: shorewall clear
You don’t need to wipe whole disks, just remove the partitions: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda count=2
Repeat for sdb.
dd can be run from the installer, switching to VT2 with Alt+F2 (or is it VT3?).

I have a hardware RAID disk.
I wiped it because the installation of NethServer could not reclaim space.
Anyway, back to my question.
For the green interface: what standard gateway would I have to use?
For the red interface it’s easy I’ll just use my routers IP address.
I also think that it is strange to allow SSH from the Internet (red)
That’s why I changed the rules.

This may be really dumb, but hey I’m a newbie


I would take the IP of the red interface as gateway for the green one.

Remind, we were all newbies. Don’t worry and fire away.
Did you resolve your issue?