Bash prompt question

NethServer release 7.9.2009

Hi, I’m guesing this is a simple question. I’ve been removing duplicate files from my machine while connected to a prompt from my regular PC, which I’ve been using for years now.
My question is how do I alter the bash prompt to show the complete working directory rather than just [kurt@NS7 202208]$ in my terminal?
I feel like a total n00b asking, but I’m used to tweaking my .bashrc.
Thanks, Kurt


I can work with the .bashrc, but this is what I see on my NS7 box.


This worked.


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And thanks for the reply!

I feel I failed to word my question properly and I’d like to be clear. What I should have asked is where do I make these changes in NS7 rather than asking how to make the changes, which I already knew how to do.
My NS7 ~/.bashrc didn’t look familiar to me and I was a bit worried about tweaking it, in the end it turned out to be the place I needed to make the changes.