Banned e-mail sender - how to fix

Hi there.

I’ve marked one email as a spam and since then I cannot receive any mail from this address. I’m trying to find out where and how I could fix my stupid mistake but no success and my despair is growing.
Would somebody mind to give me a hint where and what I have to do?

Sender is public news server where I have an account. This spam blockage is for the one account on the server. The other accounts can receive emails from this news server without any issues.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Milan,

you may want to wihte list the address or domain of this sender.

Goto Applications > Email > Settings:

Then Filter > Add Rule

Grtz Mark

Hi Mark.

Thanks for the advice but it doesn’t help. I need to “update” list of senders marked as spammers created by me via marking email as a spam. I assume it should be somewhere in rspamd app but didn’t find where to fix.


Can you explain how / where you marked the e-mail as spam?

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