Bandwith Management

How do I make bandwidth on Nethserver, for example LAN1 IP 80Mbps, LAN2 IP 30Mbps, LAN3 10Mbps and so on such as ISP internet connection providers to customers?

There’s traffic shapping, if it fits your needs.
For WiFi on hotels and alike there’s Icaro + Dedalo Hotspot.


What I asked was not wifi and what I asked was ISP internet connection providers who could share internet quota with customers via cable

I am afraid that what you asked for is not directly supported in Nethserver. Nethserver aims to be a full gateway server solution for home and small/medium business and not to work at ISP level.

Wondershaper may help you (I didn’t test intensively):

yum install wondershaper

wondershaper ens33 100 10 sets interface ens33 to 100 Kbit/s download and 10 Kbit/s upload. This way the network behind the interface has limited bandwith.

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Nethserver should have a connection bandwidth limit feature in IP and connection bandwidth limits in any feature because ISP providers both in hosting, vps and other ISP services have already provided bandwidth limit features.

NethServer 7.5 has introduced the bandwidth limiting feature.
@dnutan link above has all the details.
Basically, you define your LANs as CIDR firewall objects, create QoS classes and assign traffic from LANs to classes using firewall rules.


Can you please let me know via screenshots, I still don’t understand how to set it up!

Set inbound/outbound speed of your red interface(s) in “Network”:

In “Firewall objects” create a new CIDR object:


In “Traffic shaping” create a new class (lowspeed in this example):


In “Firewall rules” create a new rule and use the CIDR object in “Source” and the class in “Action”: