Bandwidth monitoring with pmacct

I’m looking for a bandwidthd replacement and I started experimenting
with pmacct. The monitoring daemon and the cli tool are amazing and
seem to fit my needs; however, I didn’t find a fitting UI, so I wrote to pmacct mailing list:

My ideal UI should be helpful on finding anomalous traffic from LAN. Requirements could be

  • small network monitoring (<1000 nodes)
  • storage on local file(s) like, sqlite, csv, json (no RDBMS!)
  • counters by IP, proto (ports, maybe)
  • periodical graphs
  • list of “top talkers”

Currently we don’t use bandwidthd, why a replacement? Are you looking for something to replace or improve ntop data? What’s your aim?

I ran in troubles with ntopng on NethServer, with large disk usage on some installations.

On older systems of my company, I used to run bandwidthd and my customers were happy with it. But it is an old project, no longer maintained.

So I’m just looking for a third way…

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We have bandwidthd now!

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