Backupsystem of Nethserver

NethServer Version: 7.3 RC3
Module: Backup

After i now have installed the complete System new, with a lot of Problems with the Network Interfaces, i try to restore my Backup. The Backup was done successful every night. But not possible to restore. I see the folders etc. and it says backup restored but has no data.

Hi @hucky
from shell try this command:


It list all files inside the last backup

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hi @hucky, have you found a solution to your problem?

hey enzo,purtroppo no

What did you restore? Config or Data?

There’s Backup (configuration) - this is backup and restore of the sys config.
There’s Backup (data) - this is backup setup.
There’s Restore data - this is restore of data.

On a side note… this should all be in one selector in the left menu… Backup. imho

yep, not sure for the backup configuration, but for the data backup and the restore data panel, they should be in the same panel with several tabs.

@giacomo why they are separated…and moreover why nethserver-backup-data doesn’t install as dependency nethserver-restore-data (it does nethserver-backup-config)

I agree that it could be in separated rpms, but I don’t understand why I need to install another rpm to restore the backups. NS is a modular system, yes, but too much modularity brings complexity :stuck_out_tongue:

nethserver-backup-data needs some perl modules provided by nethserver-backup-config.

Well, you don’t :slight_smile: The restore-data script is part of nethserver-backup-data package ( nethserver-backup-data/root/sbin/e-smith/restore-data at master · NethServer/nethserver-backup-data · GitHub ).
You need nethserver-restore-data package only if you want restore backups from the web interface.

The two packages are separated to simplify the maintenance process: I prefer to avoid annoying web interface bugs in a core package (backup-data).
Also with this separation, we can split the work among people with different skills.

Yes, sometime I’m thinking that nethgui should not be installed by default :stuck_out_tongue: it takes so resources :slight_smile:

More seriously why to not add the dependency of nethserver-restore-data with backup-data. When you backup a server, you need to restore a day the data…and in an easy way :slight_smile:


got it, when you install it by the software center, the three rpm are installed at the same time…I should go sometime to the GUI :slight_smile:

well, IIRC, NS is aimed to be a fully webgui driven idiot proof server distribution…

if so, you can’t (IMVHO) ask/expect people to use the CLI…
everything must be in the gui, expecially if we’re talking about backup and restore…
the full restore feature must be here since the first install (because maybe I’m restoring my server, I need it)
the selective restore feature must be there too, because maybe I need to restore just an accidentally deleted file and I won’t, for sure, dig into the CLI.


If you install the backup from the web interface the system will install also the web interface for restore.

yum groupinfo -v nethserver-backup

ok… but IMVHO all the backup stuff should be there since the first install… it should not be a module I have to install separately

Hi @hucky, we released some updates to the backup/restore system. I hope they’re fixing your issue…