Backup to Strato HiDrive?

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Backup

Hi altoghether,

I have a customer in Germany who would like to backup his Nethserver data to a Strato cloud called HiDrive. The access to this cloud works from regular Linux systems via rsync and via sftp and scp… but… it does NOT work via the backup solution in NethServer.

I tried several possibilities:

  • backup type in the graphical interface is SFTP
  • SFTP Host is either or
  • SFTP Port: 22
  • SFTP User: xxxxx (the user name allocated in HiDrive)
  • SFTP password: yyyyy ( I defined a password for the user)
  • SFTP Directory: /users/xxxxx/backup

I tried that from the terminal with a regular sftp command and a regular rsync command three times… and even more times in the graphical interface to configure a regular backup… The regular terminal commands worked… it should not be a problem of the destination. It does not work in the graphical interface to configure a NethServer backup graphically.

As mentioned, I did not only double-check but did at least a triple-check… has anyone an idea how to proceed?

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Hi @frankn

AFAIK, the StratoBackup does not work because while you have read and write permissions, NethServer Backup requires also Execute permissions. I am not sure because the last attempt was a while ago, but as far as I recall, there was no solution.
If I recalled correctly, the user used a cloud hosted “root” server and created his own solution, which worked with NethServers Backup…

As such, this statement is not as correct as the first statement, because NethServer Backup can be setup via GUI, just not for Strato HiDrive! :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

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I use HiDrive for backups via Webdav.

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thank you Marko, I tried all the protocols:

For WebDAV:


  • hostname: or
  • port 22
  • User name as always
  • password as always… also tried to upload the public key of root user in HiDrive
  • SFTP directory: /users//backup (backup was created by myself in Hidrive)


  • hostname:
  • Username and password as always
  • SMB-Share: /root/user//backup
    • tried with or without root
    • tried with forward and backward slashes
    • tried with and without leading slash

No success… sigh…

Thanks for your message.

I attached a local disk also… in doubt I will create my own cron job from that disk via rsync to HiDrive… :frowning:

Thank you and best regards,


Sorry, the correct directory is /users//backup (where backup was created by myself in the HiDrive Web Interface)… this is just a correction to the different paths mentioned for SFTP and for SMB.

hmmm, ok, it is not display correctly here… :slight_smile: /users/backup/xxx//backup … where xxx is the username… I wrote “< username >”, which is not displayed here in the forum :slight_smile:


Hi Marko,

thank you very much… it works… I had to remove the directory “backup” that I created myself. In the URL I specified the username as last entry, started the backup and a directory was created in HiDrive with the hostname of the server.

Thanks a lot for the help, super!

Best regards,


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