Backup to google drive

hi guys.

i wanted to find out how i might modify the backup system to save backups to google drive

Hi Rhys,
we are working on improving the backup and, among others, we are trying restic which has GoogleDrive support.

But what are your needs? Can you explain your usage scenario?


hi buddy
i was thinking i could mount it with google-drive-ocamlfuse and wanted to use the backup system so i am notified when the backup fails


Perhaps it works to install google drive mount like at the following link:

@davidep, @giacomo What do you think?

Yes it could work, but many modifications are needed (like for WebDav) and we have also have to package the fuse driver.

Finally fuse drivers for remote FS is not efficient.

I am using an owncloud based service and backup through webdav works like a charm. Implemented this on my own VPS and on a server of a friend of mine.

hey buddy

that is a good idea i was just hopping to use my google drive space i have.

To be exact, it is a Dutch service by TransIP:
They used to give 1TB storage for free, but this ended a month ago. They still have payed versions for reasonable prices. However, the speeds over webdav are not the best I have ever seen, but who is complaining for 1 TB of free backup space?